All my original works are sold with certificate of authenticity´







My works are all made in an intimate context in which I let creativity and inspiration flow naturally into me.
At the beginning of each I feel called to represent the nature which surrounds us as well as human nature, which are in reality only one and the same universe. Then is profiled on the canvas a story, a path, an awareness...
  A work can interact in us like a mirror which thanks to its reflection allows us to enter our being, to perceive our personal evolution of the moment thus acting as a landmark, a teacher and a guide.

An energy, vibration and resonance can then be felt deeply.
Each work is unique, a process in itself. It does not only represent a graphic vision and a lot of work, if not a set of so many elements: perceptions, knowledge, lessons, lineage ...
Buying an original work is like taking away a bit of the artist who painted it, and his universe ...

Painting on canvas
Painting on natural fiber paper
Miniature canvas painting
Drawing/painting on canson
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