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Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari is a young visionary artist born in Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon. At 12 he discovered the love for art through the teachings of drawing and painting by a college teacher.

In 2011, at only 16, he integrates the Superior school of Artistic Teaching"Eduardo Meza Saravia" of his hometown.

During the sixth cycle of his academic training, his interest in medicinal plants led him to investigate more about the subject to prepare his thesis as a plastic artist.

This is how Lobsang became a visionary artist.


Thus, Lobsang, a young graduate, enriched with all this research and teaching, decided to make artistic works inspired by the medicinal culture of the Amazon.

"My desire is to capture in my works my personal inspiration of the moment, letting spontaneity flow in each stroke of color, each shape, person,...  I want to share the pure essence of my experiences with all those who feel in resonance with that. "


Although marked by his Neo-Amazonian culture, Lobsang's art brings together different influences captured during his encounters, travels, and awareness of life in general, and is therefore constantly evolving.

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